Garment Preservation

What is preservation

You spend a lot of time and money to select the perfect garments for your wedding as well as other important occasions. All our garments are delicately hand-crafted with fabric handpicked from an array of the premium and finest fabrics like silk, georgette, chiffon, net, tissue, organza etc.

Why is it important

Due to the impeccable quality of our garment, very particular care must be taken of it both before and after the occasion. To keep your garments and all the memories they entail for as long as possible, certain measures should be taken.

How we suggest you do it
  • Try and make sure that you keep the garment in a garment bag; this will make it easy to shift or transport as well as preserve its quality as it resides in your closet.

  • Make sure that you only dry clean the clothes by a professional.

  • Refold the garments from time to time to avoid the color from fading

  • Try and keep the clothes stored on a hanger so as to avoid any kind of wrinkles

  • Keep them wrapped in white cotton cloth. Avoid putting them through any kind of extreme temperatures

  • Iron the garments with medium heat.

  • Store the clothes away from sunlight at all costs, as sunlight almost always causes discoloration

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