If we add a few variables … In the System Variable section, click New. The Get Variable and Get Session Variables steps can explicitly retrieve a value from a variable, or you can use it in any PDI text field which has the diamond dollar sign icon next to it by using a metadata string in either the Unix or Windows formats: Both formats can be used and even mixed. Kettle variables configure various PDI-specific options such as the location of the shared object file for transformations and jobs or the log size limit. Alternative values for a variable can be specified using a JavaScript array. If you need to set a Java or Kettle environment variable for the different … A variable used to be synonym for \"environment variable\". "org.osgi.framework.system.packages.extra" This means the SIZE of the SHELL is now much less than in 7.1. That allows you in turn to list the required parameters for a job or transformation. In value of the variable name, you should enter “C:\Program … ... system date (variable) System time, changes every time you ask a date. Environment variables are an easy way to specify the location of temporary files in a platform-independent way; for example, the ${java.io.tmpdir} variable points to the /tmp/ directory on Unix/Linux/OS X and to the C:\Documents and Settings\