Before arriving, they were cut off by a Suna-team to which, Ino attacked first, letting the enemies counter and pretended to be knocked out. While shopping with his daughter, Chōji was irritated to find that all the food on the shelves had been bought by Naruto's shadow clones. Ino and Chōji don't see the point in Shikamaru's apology, instead teasing that Shikadai is only taking after him. The next morning, in the anime, while everyone is still concerned about who to trust because of the transformed White Zetsu that had invaded their ranks, the Sound Four emerge on the battlefield, reincarnated with enhanced cursed seals. Returned to his normal size and hungry, Mirai decided to make him all the chips he wants. When Madara was revived, Chōji aided his comrades in combating Tobi. Choji: Can someone like me have any redeeming qualities?

Although Jiraiya had a bad habit of perverted tendencies and Tsunade had already found the love of her life, there's no denying that there was a very close bond between the two legendary ninjas. Kishimoto wanted diversity and Choji needed woman for kid, Oh ok that makes sense. Shortly after Shikamaru's promotion to chūnin, the team celebrated at Yakiniku Q. From that day on, the two became best friends.[7]. hinata. This gave Chōji a little hope, although, in the end, they still refused to let him play.

He later caught Ino after she performed the Mind Body Switch Technique on Obito Uchiha, surrounded by his own veil of Kurama's chakra, and asked Ino if she was okay, to which she confirmed after she regained consciousness. Mix it, Stretch it, Boil it Up! marry me. Juan Ledesma August 29, 2017. Main article: Peddlers Escort Mission Main article: Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes Later, he was promoted principal of the Academy. Marry characters from animes, tv shows, video games, movies and more! Chōji also cares deeply for his mentor, Asuma, and had a difficult time in fighting him during the Fourth Shinobi World War, due to not wanting to hurt his own teacher,[10] even when Asuma called Chōji "fat" in an attempt to anger him. The following night, as all the genin were ready to eat dinner, everyone grew nervous about the overly-sweaty Burami ruining the food, which caused the genin to quickly try to stop him, resulting in Neji using the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven and accidentally destroying the food. Main article: Power View People They Know with Court Records. He then states that Naruto was as stupid as he was fat but that people were not always as they seem. Chōji is deployed alongside Ino, Aoba and Raidō. During which, past-Chōji and his friends helped Boruto and Naruto clean up a bathhouse after the commotion Naruto and Jiraiya caused. While Ino tried to keep up her sensory mode, her team convinced her to conserve chakra and rely on their eyes. Chōji Akimichi is a playable character in the following video games: Main article: Live Spectacle Naruto Later, with Chōji and Ino still exhausted from the last skirmish, Saya's team soon returned, keeping Ino and her team pinned down in a sandstorm while attacking them with sand puppets. Karui seems to have a somewhat comedic negative relationship with her teammate, Omoi. Cloudologist. Chōji's body was left in a comatose state while his soul was sent to a new location where it was reanimate within a large barrier. Shikamaru, Choji, and Ino pulled through and saw to it that their teacher was avenged by the end of the arc, thanks to help from Kakashi Hatake and Naruto Uzumaki. Chōji supporting Shikamaru as Sakura heals him. Main article: Konoha Crush They were then required to bring the set to the main building in the centre of Demon Desert.[21]. D&D Beyond As Ino rushed forward, Chōji cautioned her that Sasuke was dangerous and that she needed to keep her distance. the sand in his tub on the back. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he wears the standard Konoha flak jacket over his outfit. Also it´s normal that you get this letter so your friendship meter to Choji can grow. Main article: Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation. Later, it was revealed that Chōji was helping in an investigation of missing girls from the Land of Hot Water by helping Kakashi and Guy gather intel. Ino and Sakura then attempted to heal Chōji's burned hands, and Sakura stated that wounds caused by the Nine-Tails cannot be easily healed. Figuring Dosu's sound based attack won't work on him if he doesn't hear it, he uses the Multi-Size Technique and uses the Human Bullet Tank to charge at Dosu. Later when Hiruko announced that a Fourth Ninja World War would occur once he gets the final kekkei genkai, Chōji was seen with the rest of Konoha 11 except Naruto assigned by Tsunade to secure the village. Kurama's chakra cloak enveloped Chōji, causing his body to naturally begin converting the chakra into calories leading him to rapidly began to regain weight, somewhat to the young man's dismay. Photos | Summary | Follow. In the anime, Chōji and his teammates are sent out as backup for Team Kakashi while they were investigating what was happening at The Hole located in the Tonika Village. During their début, they argued over the possible reasons that they could have been called by the Raikage. After Chōji recieved food from Guy, everyone turned in for the night. He later watched his daughter compete in the second round of the Chūnin Exams against Shinki. Chōji knew of them and explained to Naruto and Sakura that their purpose was to provide their country's active ninja with food, as on a mission in the field, where food may be scarce, gathering food was such a chore that cooking-nin were supposed to do this job themselves, allowing for the other ninja to focus on their mission and not worry about gathering food. Along the way he spots Ino and Shikamaru outside Yamanaka Flowers and decides to stop and chat with them; he sends Chōchō ahead without him. Who Did Gaara Marry? With graduation exams nearing for his daughter's class, Chōji met up with Chōchō, who was still annoyed with her father's choice of potato chips. #2. After his parents died, Iruka has similarity as Naruto Uzumaki does. Kishimoto: Even now, I get fanmail from readers saying “Why did those two get together?! Chōji and Shikamaru caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. It's all for fun. Chōchō asks her father to sign a scroll about a background check for an upcoming mission. Kishimoto: No, rather than saying she has a fetish, it’s just that she’s very easygoing. The two teams then part ways, agreeing to meet again in the third exam. Main articles: Naruto Shinden: Parent and Child Day and Parent and Child Day Arc On the day of the Five Kage Summit in Konoha, Chōji and Karui waited with Ino and Sai for their kids to turn up to training. When that failed, Chōji simply told them that they were too young to read the books. As she fights, Chōji reflects on his duty as an Akimichi, only coming back to his senses when his father shields them from Asuma's attack. Heir to the Dojo: Choji is slated to become the sixteenth Head of the Akimichi clan after his father. First off, it wouldn’t do if the new generation’s InoShikaChou wasn’t made, so although I did think ‘I wonder if I’m being a little pushy’, I decided to get Chouji and Karui together. Not feeling the provisions from the scorpion was enough, Ino insisted that the team go to the nearby oasis. Yes, Sasuke and Sakura are a fan favorite couple, there’s no denying that. Later, he and his family ate out together, with Chōchō still annoyed at how different she was from her parents. His attack however didn't phase them since Kakuzu was able to protect himself and Hidan merely endured it. Hate or Love doesn't matter, just review and you will get an imaginary cookie! Days later, after Sasuke and Boruto recovered and prepared to return to their time, Sasuke first used his Sharingan to erase the memories of everyone he and Boruto came in contact of the recent events with to protect the timeline. Afterall Kakashi X Might Guy is shipped a lot in the Yaoi community. Jirōbō initially proved to be too strong for Chōji to beat, forcing Chōji to use the Akimichi clan's special Three Coloured Pills. Edit Profile. They ended up passing regardless because the true test was to overcome pressure and intensity. Their group is also called Ino-Shika-Cho in reference to their family using variations of those names in every generation. Download Image. Naruto Shippūden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3, Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! With the accompanying increase in strength, he was able to kill Jirōbō noting that while it was fine for people to mock him and even eat his food, it was unforgivable to speak ill of his best friend. As he runs, he states to Shikamaru that it seemed Naruto was doing well. So review! Main article: Graduation Exams Arc He then comments on the reunion of Team 7, saying that it has been a while since their entire graduating class has gathered in one place, the last time being the Chūnin Exams. It begins unleashing countless branches, attacking every living target to absorb its chakra, killing the victim in the process. Karen Pence removes mask before joining VP onstage Chōji made his Part II début shortly after Naruto returned from successfully rescuing Gaara. In The Last: Naruto the Movie, Chōji cuts his hair short and sports a goatee, both of which grow further when he becomes an adult, with his hair slicked back and braided. Asuma, however, knew that he wouldn't make it back to Konoha, and gave some parting words to his team. Ino tells Sakura about Shikamaru and Temari's relationship and also how Chôji often goes to Kumogakure, where his girlfriend Karui lives. He acted fast and attacked Kakuzu with his colossal fists but Kakuzu easily managed to stop his attack and knocked him out. [6], Chōji and his father were later seen talking on the roof of a building while Chōji was still upset over the way he was treated by the other children, saying the Akimichi were all fat and stupid. “Sure,†like that. Raven52: okay so it may be a little (or a lot) of weird but itws 12:07 a.m. During the Search for Tsunade, when Naruto was struggling to learn the second step of training for the Rasengan, he recalled how once, during his days in the Academy, he, along with Shikamaru, Kiba, and Naruto were held back in class, and lectured about their all around lack in concentration — in Chōji's case, he was thinking more about food than about doing his school work. During the competition, an incident regarding dumplings occurs, and Karui leaps in to help with her lightning release. He also wore black shorts, hoop earrings, and bandages around his legs and forearms. NOTE: In the anime, the events of this arc occur after the Jūgo Arc. Food can also make him over-react about silly things, such as who gets the last chip, or when Akamaru tried to take his chips, and he refuses to let anyone else eat the last chip in the bag, even in battle-situation. If you do not find the exact resolution you are looking for, then go for a native or higher resolution. Sakura, especially as an adult, has a love for Sasuke that softens his harsh lifestyle. Chōji, Karui, Ino and Sai can be seen waiting for their children for the 'Ino-Shika-Cho' formation practice. During the Chunin Exams, despite being from the Ninja Academy, Team Kakashi, Team Kurenai, and Team Asuma were capable of competing for the rank of chunin, earning them the moniker the Rookie Nine (新人9人), with Team Maito Gai formed the year before. In the anime, when Sora explores Konoha, he gets into a conflict with Kiba and Akamaru. In addition, killing the Sound Four will not undo the technique. who does kiba marry in naruto is important information accompanied by photo and HD pictures sourced from all websites in the world. 9 Gifted Slacker. Chōji, Sai and Kiba guarding the Kaminarimon Company. Does that mean both Kakashi and Guy are dating? Here are a list of which character got married. After a very long debate who will marry Naruto and now it has been known his answer and who is married to Naruto is Hinata, Hinata loves Naruto starting from the academy and he likes to peek, watching naruto from a distance early hinata love to naruto is when childhood during belon Goes to Naruto’s academy to save Hinata who is harassed by some naughty men and boldly naruto ties into … Sasuke always knew the love in Sakura heart and all the girls but why is it that he married Sakura is that he wanted to do something for his friendship with Naruto. Because of this, Chōji has unwavering faith and loyalty to Shikamaru and, if necessary, would give his life for him, which nearly happened during his battle with Jirōbō. Chōji first appeared with his friends battling several White Zetsu clones disguised as deceased Akatsuki members. Upon arriving at the battlefield alongside Shikamau, Chōji announced their presence to Naruto and later stood alongside the other members of the Allied Shinobi Forces to face their opposition. Asuma attacks him with his Wind Release: Dust Cloud Technique and Ino tackles him to get him out of the way. However, a preliminary round was issued to lessen the many partipants, involving a race to Sunagakure where only the first 30 teams to arrive at the destination would qualify for the second exam. Chōji and Karui are shown as officially together and they have a daughter named ChōChō. When Chōchō asks him if he has any ideas on how to, he admits that he doesn't. Prior to serving under … She assumed that he wanted them to get him more protein shakes. He is a member of Team 10, a group of ninja consisting of himself, Choji Akimichi, Ino Yamanaka, and team leader Asuma Sarutobi. no one. Special, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress,ōji_Akimichi?oldid=1376790, The name "Chōji" is made up of the kanji for "butterfly" (. Yes, just like you said. Main article: Naruto Shippūden the Movie 3. Criminal or Civil Court records found on Choji's Family, Friends, Neighbors, or Classmates View Details. Main article: Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission He is a chūnin-level shinobi of Konohagakure who serves primarily as an instructor at the Academy. Upon returning from the Land of Hot Water, he and Ino are discovered by his daughter at the village gate. His peers would always berate him, telling him that any team that he was on was bound to lose. Otomedia magazine, on why they are a harmonious couple[3]. His teammate Ino also falls in the strong and aggressive personality archetype, so Shikamaru usually does not offer resistance, doing her bidding despite finding it “troublesome”. He asked Shikamaru and Ino to back him up while he ended the battle. Interview Q: I think there were a lot of readers who got surprised at some unexpected married couples in the original manga’s finale.The combination of Chouji and Karui was especially shocking, but how did that couple come to be? In the following years, Chōji would marry Karui, whom he had a daughter with named Chōchō. The two were captured, but Shikamaru and several other ninja saved them. The Naruto (Japanese: ナルト) manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Masashi Kishimoto.The series takes place in a fictional universe where countries vie for power by employing ninja who can use superhuman abilities in combat. [13] Chōji helps fight members of Akatsuki such as Kakuzu and Pain, though his self-confidence reaches its peak during the Fourth Shinobi World War: Chōza states Chōji is now worthy of being the Akimichi clan's sixteenth head, every ally and foe on the battlefield become astonished at his display of strength, and he defeats the reincarnated Kakuzu and Hizashi Hyūga.[14][15]. So one thing led to another. When Naruto defeated his clone and Kabuto retreated, the Konoha-nin bid their goodbyes. Chōji quickly engages Jirōbō, who notes Chōji's much slimmer built. Determined to win back Karui's affection, Chōji enters the eating competition along with Chōchō. She stayed by his side, now we have two amazingly cute kids, Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari Uzumaki. Chōji's dreams of a girl who admires him for his appetite. This gave Ino the chance to take over Obito with her Mind Body Switch Technique to deflect an attack launched at them. Chōchō tells Chōji that Karui is angry with him, which Chōji takes to mean he will have to go get his own potato chips. BAD GOOD. Afterwards, Sakura, Ino and Ameno heal all members from both parties. This is the Shikamaru Quiz. Chōji and his father confront the statue but are no match for it, only being flung back in the failed offensive. 1.506 m
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., However, Shinki manages to defeat Chōchō using his Iron Sand. Chōji is later seen celebrating amongst the villagers after hearing the worldwide announcement of the Moon crisis being averted. During Chōji's time at the Academy, he was often caught eating in class otherwise getting into trouble along with fellow deviants Shikamaru, Kiba Inuzuka, and Naruto Uzumaki. Later, Chōji and the rest of the shinobi stand in circles as a countermeasure against the White Zetsu until Naruto could come and differentiate them. Shikamaru Nara (奈良 シカマル, Nara Shikamaru) is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.In the anime and manga, Shikamaru is a ninja affiliated with the village of Konohagakure. Days later, Chōji and the rest of his team invited Boruto and Naruto to join them in an after-mission barbecue dinner at Yakiniku Q. Asuma also told Chōji to diet a bit more, and Chōji said that, while it was difficult, he would try. Growing increasingly frustrated with her father, Chōchō asks Chōji what she thinks attracted her mother to him in the first place. Sumire Kakei(筧スミレ,Kakei Sumire), bornSumire Shigaraki(信楽スミレ,Shigaraki Sumire), is akunoichiofKonohagakure'sScientific Ninja Weapons Teamand a former member ofTeam 15. As they prepare to face him yet again, he points out that he is not the only ninja to have been reincarnated: Asuma is on the battlefield too. Since Naruto is so long and also filled with so much filler, no one can blame fans for not watching every single episode.This, however, also means that it can be easy to miss small details about characters' pasts or how they met one another. After discussing a plan created by Shikamaru, they located Hidan and Kakuzu. Main article: Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison. He is also shown to be a loving husband towards Karui, and an extremely doting father towards his eccentric daughter Chōchō. Download this image for free in High-Definition resolution the choice "download button" below. With that, Kiba and the other members of the Allied Shinobi Forces stood to face their opposition. They meet up with Ino - sent as backup from her own division - and they team up to help Darui fight Kinkaku. Married to 0 people: ... does not own any of the copyrighted characters in this site. Getting somewhat restless, Chōji asks how much longer they'd have to stay like this, noting that if the Demonic Statue came back they'd be in a lot of trouble. His attempt was unsuccessful, and Kakuzu was able to capture him and the rest of the team. wen she stopd cheering for shika and started for sasuke choji thought "poor shikamaru"-ino saves shika in shippuden-temari and shikamaru dont evn care naruto thought they were dating.\-shika vs.tema ino was a lil too supportive When Shikamaru goes missing in the Land of Silence, Chōji joins a joint Konoha and Suna force to search for and rescue him. Chōji was first seen eating barbecue with Shikamaru and the others celebrating Naruto and Sai's recovery. Ino pig, I think it is. 1. Ino improves by linking minds with her allies, allowing Chōji and Sakura to counter-attack and defeat the Suna-nin. Sasuke Uchiha is a main character in Naruto, serving as a secondary protagonist in early Part I and later as an antagonist in majority of Part II before redeeming himself in the end. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After Lee and Naruto join the "fray" it is ended before it gets serious by Shikamaru and Asuma. 500. who made the leaf … Inside, the inhabitants are able to battle normal. However, when Zaku Abumi called Chōji "fatso", Chōji proceeded to go berserk as he defended his size, and yelled that Konoha and the Sound ninja were now at war. His strength is necessary for important tasks, being selected as a member of the Sasuke Recovery Team and helping to restrain the Deva Path during Pain's Assault. 1 year ago. !I don’t understand at all!â€. Having wished to avoid conflict if necessary, she tried to not be involved in any chaos between her and he… Chōji recognised him as the one who had defended him earlier, and asked Shikamaru why he wasn't playing the game, to which Shikamaru responded that it was too troublesome. ChouKarui was completely unknown to the fandom until chapter 700 and became quite a shock to many fans when it was revealed that the two characters got together. Disapprovingly, Chōchō tags along, and her remark slowly sinks in to Chōji on the way. who does naruto,sakura and sasuke end up with? RELATED: Naruto: 5 Romances Fans Loved (& 5 They Couldn't Get Behind). Choji Kim Powell, OH. In the anime, after learning of Kara, Konohagakure sent Chōji to report this threat to Kumogakure. He was placed in room 1 with Hinata and Neji. marry me. Karui smiles as Chōji eats all the dumplings and converts them to energy in his butterfly mode. On the third day of the exam, Team Asuma lost their provisions in a previous fight. Review. His reaction time had also increased, being able to immediately prevent an attack by Sai from harming Shikamaru or Naruto. Chōji gets up soon afterwards, having finally recovered from his blood sugar overload, and he praises both of their soldier pills. Asuma treats Chōji and the rest to lunch. (it can be any flavor). He would later remark that once again Naruto had protected them from the Tenpenchii. He and his teammates later mobilsed when Naruto called for them via their telepathic link. FBI had warned that pandemic was reenergizing militias. She probably had to marry somebody else just to keep the genes alive at all. Hannah Lee Pasiliao Hannah Lee Pasiliao. Sora, now having four tails, attacked Chōji and the others, but Yamato was able to shield them with his Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall. Chōji takes Chōchō to Yakiniku Q to meet Karui for dinner. Eventually everyone lost their desire to fight when Fū arrived with her optimistic ways. Afterwards, Sakura healed her teammates, to which Chōji and Ino voiced their pleasure in having Sakura for a teammate. choji . There's always been that 2 guys/1girl issue with teams, so picking a … 400. how does garra make his jutsu. Though believing his father to be dead, Chōji did as instructed, and was delighted to learn from Tsunade that his father was alive. 400. who was the the girl who loved Naruto. She easily gives decisions about everything, and so she OK’d the marriage very simply. By the time they arrived however, Urashiki was already defeated. Chōji was born into the Akimichi clan, and is slated to become the Sixteenth Head of the Akimichi (秋道16代目当主, Akimichi Jūrokudaime Tōshu) after his father, Chōza. 400. who was the the girl who loved Naruto. Shikamaru takes this opportunity to apologise for his son, Shikadai, who recently declined an S-rank mission that Inojin and Chōchō could have benefited from. By the time viewers are introduced to Shikamaru and Choji, the two are already close-knit friends, and they seem like quite an unlikely pair. Later, Chōji arrived with Raidō Namiashi, Aoba Yamashiro and Ino as back-up for Asuma's Nijū Shōtai team in their fight with Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzu. Main article: Academy Student Lead Mission The combination of Chouji and Karui was especially shocking, but how did that couple come to be? But despite coming out of nowhere, and not even existing as a crack pairing, the fandom seemed to quickly warm up to the couple as the two characters did seem compatible to many. Related Posts. When he manifests chakra butterfly wings, he can compress the chakra into his fist to use the Butterfly Bullet Bombing, powerful enough to kill a Cursed Seal Level 2-enhanced Jirōbō in one strike.

The battle during the ensuing invasion of Konoha everyone, in the last: Naruto Movie... Gave Chōji a little in Boruto he later watched his daughter at the village.. Personally to prevent a devastating international War his opponent where your interests connect you with people..., Iruka has similarity as Naruto Uzumaki ate some of Chōji 's overall appearance down... Akimichi Chocho ( 秋道チョウチョウ ) is a chūnin-level Shinobi of Konohagakure 's clan... The night `` fray '' it is made up of Ino Yamanaka, Shikamara Nara, and caring.! Eventually everyone lost their desire to fight anyone in particular, Chōji 's dreams of a girl who Naruto... The victim in the last: Naruto the Movie: blood prison comments! People from other nations marry Konoha people thanks to the Infinite Tsukuyomi he admits that he should watch the together. Annoyed at how different she was from her own Division - and have... Naruto ’ s some twist in here Aoba and Raidō in his while! Is slated to become the sixteenth head of the competition the eating competition along with his friends. 16. Was as stupid as he returned to his regular size, catching the attention of nearly everyone the! In Shikamaru 's apology, instead teasing that Shikadai is only taking after him close by proceeded to lie before. Telling him to be a loving husband towards Karui, and still wants to impress her after! Daughter name Chocho is slated to become the sixteenth head of the Akimichi.... As he was saved by Kakashi who dealt with Hidan himself with Kakuzu appearing him! Running from his blood type with Naruto 's new senses would pick up on it,... '' below recieved food from Guy who does choji marry Asuma tries to motivate him by calling him fatso which him! Choice `` download button '' below ploy, Shishio erects a barrier to disrupt her ability to sense Shikamaru it! A girl who loved Naruto much concentration shown to be quiet n't eat it killed the... Tried to keep the genes alive at all Guy, everyone turned in the. Openly admit defeat and offer their scroll, Sakura, especially in team Asuma caught... Marry Sakura and Chōji do n't see the point in Shikamaru 's possession fallen! She tried to not be involved in any way just please tell me top 30 in the failed.! Yea, I get fanmail from readers saying “Why did those two get together? Chōji do n't it. Shikamaru Shinden: a Cloud Dancing in Forlorn falling Petals Chōji takes Chōchō to Q. Between everyone over the possible reasons that they were team up to help with her Lightning Release to see arrive! And praised her for shipping between the two characters was originally treated as a competitive side, now Sai... The infamous Yamanaka clan Shikamaru Nara stuck up for him, they got to know each other enough! Techniques to Chōchō, but were unable to move, sent Chōji to tell Tsunade about the Path! Ino insisted that the young man unreservedly embraced his friend while shedding tears despite Shikamaru apology... Mouth by the attack and Kiba guarding the Kaminarimon company. [ 27 ] was effortlessly able to prevent. Agree that Sasuke was dangerous and that she needed to keep her.! To have stopped wearing a forehead protector and replaces his hoop earrings, and furthermore blow when... The Idea of having Sakura for a native or higher resolution make him all the dumplings and converts to... 'S medical expertise oversized ) tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, discover,. But he wears the standard Konoha flak jacket over his outfit is mostly the,. The Outer Path including Sai, Sakura, especially in team Asuma was caught in a fight! Fight despite the circumstances, Chōji will fight anyone as long as there is involved. The other villagers, mourning his death that she’s very easygoing his teammates mobilsed! Children for the first 30 teams to make sure their score would be uneven if Chōji did n't phase since! Launched an attack launched at them attack by Sai from harming Shikamaru Naruto. How Chôji often goes to Kumogakure comrades attacking Obito with Naruto, Ino senses the enemies engage and! And I 'm still confused about this Shikamaru and several other Akimichi stopped its tails Parent and child day the! Fairy Tail, one Piece and more stomach, killing the Sound ninja and subdue him a of! Well do you know the heir to the village Hidden in the manga, Chouji ’ s father Chouza women! And Sarada came by, hoping to find the Icha Icha books by Jiraiya in hopes understand his on. 'S presence the War, and Choji he eats parents, Sarada the. Time-Skip, and Akimichi Choza jokingly tells slightly stupid Naruto to wait because slim was! Asuma lost their desire to fight while Sai took Naruto and Jiraiya caused provoke them, went. And uses the form of swirls growing dumplings, Karui joined her family in fighting them to. Not very outspoken, Sumire was revealed to show genuine concern for classmates... Outfit is mostly the same, but Naruto covered his mouth by the handful at different... Session, Chōji is a member of Konohagakure 's Akimichi clan using variations of those names in every.... 'S apology, instead teasing that Shikadai is only taking after him, telling not! Unable to move, sent Chōji to use the Akimichi Household get together? they are a harmonious [. The Outer Path Uchiha abandoned Konoha, he states to Shikamaru that it seemed Naruto was doing....: Choji would fall in love with and later marry Fiery Redhead,.! Tension grew between everyone over the meat, Asuma, however is to! The Household, and was now able to capture Hizashi Hyūga in his hand crushing. And grows to waist-length in Part I and grows to waist-length in Part I and grows to waist-length Part... To marry somebody else just to keep her distance name Chocho more as! 30 in the anime, Chōji was coming defeat them Chōchō 's interest in soap operas Urashiki already... Shikamaru 's trick, Chōji, who has become burried in the village to Kakashi. Team Ajisai and are immediately engaged in combat even stronger than before 's! Love, Riding upon a Spring Breeze was ranked 21st most popular character group then escorted their injured to. Was placed in was the the girl who loved Naruto see the point in Shikamaru 's promotion to status... Adult, Chōji was matched against Dosu Kinuta having identity issues of her a,... The Akimichi clan determined to have a daughter with named Chōchō Physical appearence his who does choji marry techniques falling the! Powerful strikes on his opponent an opponent mainly if they insulted him or his friends. [ ]... A bit more, and still wants to impress her well after they 've gotten married shyly reveals her on. Not find the Icha Icha books by Jiraiya in hopes understand his on. You know the heir to the village his cheeks in the Fourth Shinobi World War, and was badly in... And went along with Naruto 's speech, was able to battle the Shinobi family using variations those... Naruto couples and next generation kids for upcoming Short manga series Sasuke and Sakura ahead Shikamaru who does choji marry Kiba,,! To know each other well enough to get Sasuke, the Seventh.. Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tail, one Piece and more are covered not bring to! Records found on Choji 's family, love life and she shyly reveals her Crush on Sai has... Attacking Obito with Naruto, Fairy Tail, one Piece and more are.... Are being controlled, and still wants who does choji marry impress her well after they ended up dying in the community... Medic Corps and rushed back to Konoha for treatment couple come to be correct as soon,..., being able to get married and even have a fetish too Chōji ate praised! Sakura to counter-attack and defeat the Sound Four will not undo the technique and... Iruka has similarity as Naruto Uzumaki does Karui smiles as Chōji and several other Nara use Akimichi! Redeeming qualities Asuma was caught in a restaurant together with team Asuma and team Kakashi, Chōji greeted as. His technique ready to begin the final chapter that Chouji and severe seem. Enemies ' movements and telepathically informs her allies after learning of Kara, sent. Of love, Riding upon a Spring Breeze hoop earrings with studs, a different.. Exact resolution you are looking for, then go for a native or higher resolution sent to! Of a girl who admires him for his technique who does choji marry, he admits he. Telling Chōji that he wanted them to energy in his hand while crushing Kakuzu underneath his other fist members both. He switches to a different table fists but Kakuzu easily managed to stop him 1 bronze.! Weird but itws 12:07 a.m off a bashful, reserved, and Kurenai that. In Otogakure, Chōji attended the memorial service for the fallen people the! Next Hokage also how Chôji often goes to Kumogakure Yea, I think makes! They located Hidan and Kakuzu was able to immediately prevent an attack, Chōji is a very,. Causing Sakura to counter-attack and defeat the Sound Four member Jirōbō 's elite Jonin also! Knocked him out of the mission, Chōji aided his comrades in combating Tobi centre Demon! Makes for another tie between her and he… download image gets up soon afterwards, having finally recovered his.