Also, I recommend using fine KOREAN chilli flakes(usually labeled “chilli powder” at local Asian markets). We will clarify! I am intrigued by this vegan fish sauce. Of course, there’s lot of food I’ve never considered making myself when ordering take-out. I performed all of the steps and put it in the closet for 2 days and then into the refrigerator it went where it stayed for 3 months. Making it again today. is it mandatory to use ginger for the paste? Hope that helps! Once I tried it, pizza without kimchee just seems incomplete. Two other small things, i use julienne daikon in equal amounts to the carrot. We’ve only used pineapple juice and don’t have another recommendation, but if you experiment with this recipe, report back on how it goes! Found your website because I started fermenting. SpicyTangyCrunchySuper healthyFragrant& Delicious. It should be okay to add after. I’m excited to try vegan kimchi. I tried to ferment one batch in a mixing bowl with a pot cover on it but it didn’t turn out as nice where the cabbage wasn’t fully submerged in liquid. Let us know if you try it! DOWNLOAD MY EASY 60 VEGAN RECIPES EBOOK WELCOME TO ANOTHER MUKBANG!!! That should work fine, Amy! As long as the veg are submerged, they should be fine. Except when I run out and have to wait for my husband to drive me over to my favorite little hole in the wall Korean store to buy a giant gallon sized pickle jar of authentic homemade Kimchee by Mrs. Sun Joo Kim!!!! I tweaked the recipe a little by adding onion leeks, korean radish and rice porridge/paste as I prefer a thicker kimchi sauce. I’m so thrilled this worked out, Dana! Just won’t be quite as flavorful. In that instance just be sure that you lay a leaf of cabbage on top so there’s not much air getting directly to the kimchi. It should be tangy, spicy and slightly sweet. Do you have to use the red pepper flakes ? Think: Breakfast scrambles, brown rice and sautéed veggie bowls (Bibimbap), or stir-fries. I was wondering if I did step 10 correctly. Was just reading through the reviews. Do so by lifting each individual leaf and sprinkling with sea salt. Just wondering if not making a vegan version how much fish sauce to use instead? This is mainly because it lacks a strong starch like potato or rice, an essential ingredient for kimchi fermentation. So, if it didn’t ferment, then how did it stay so preserved? Thanks so much! Made kimchi for the first ever with your recipe. A good resource on fermentation is the author Sandor Katz. A good indicator of when it’s done fermenting is the smell. I’d love to see your take. It smells and tastes very very intense but I don’t remember what real fish sauce is like. Leave a comment and rate it below. I’ve also used different style cabbages, all great. Hello! Serve with rice, use in Kimchi Fried Rice or make Kimchi Tofu Scramble! I really like spice in my life (gimme some good ole Frank’s Red Hot sauce produced in my hometown here!!) I failed to push down the cabbage everyday and was wondering why juice was dripping down from the jar….when it was the final day I opened it and yea it went everywhere. Or do they have to be kept in the fridge? I just watched Maangchi’s video on how to make kimchi and was just thinking that your recipe is very similar (means it’s traditional!) It starts with making sure all of your equipment and your hands are clean. For the people who are reading the comments for tips, keep in mind that this recipe isn’t ideal for fermentation, as a matter of fact, it’s best to eat this within 10 days. Great recipe for a vegan kimchi! In a small bowl, mix the chili pepper with a small amount of water to make a wet paste. Will do! (Note – The full printable recipe is at the bottom of this post). Traditional kimchi has fish sauce or at least dried shrimp. Thanks. Since this, I have left my lid loose and only filled 3/4 or so to the top of the container which works much better. I had one batch that tasted perfect on the counter but then after continuing to slowly ferment in the fridge it ended up a little too sour for my taste. For those that are trying to do low carb vegan, this is a great recipe, that is really filling and has a to If you give this recipe a try, let us know! Made it up and its ready to put in jars! Thinking about making this. Also, can I add in other veggies, such as daikon, or kohlrabi, or other firm or root veggies? Our guess is that it won’t have the same flavor, but might still be okay. Enjoy! How big that cabbage needs to be? I make this on a regular basis, I do two heads of Napa cabbage at a time. The “fish sauce” in this recipe is actually a vegan take on fish sauce – that’s where the pineapple juice comes in (for the tang). I am curious about the salting, waiting, and flipping process of the cabbage. Allow me to explain…. It really keeps that fresh kimchi flavor nicely. Vegan Kimchi Ingredients and Variations. She is so funny… a super sweet lady… she has a full refrigerated section filled with NOTHING BUT KIMCHEE!!! Hi Sabrina, another reader used 2-3 Tbsp. Give cabbage a good mix every now and then. Also separate the cabbage leaves at this time, so they’re easier to work with. The longer you ferment the kimchi, the tangier and intense the flavor will be, and the more tender the cabbage will become. Hi, is it possible to substitute demerara brown sugar instead of the coconut sugar? I would like to make drunken noodles vegan but recipes I see call for fish sauce and oyster sauce; also not vegan. Thanks for another gem :), Good tip, Rachel! I didn’t have any pineapple juice on hand so I used rice vinegar instead. Then, slowly pull apart to … thanks! i already have all the ingredients except ginger apparrently. Combine salt with 2 cups of lukewarm water, stir to dissolve salt. Hi Miwa, it sounds like maybe your cabbage was on the smaller end? Let’s just say I’m gonna put this ish on everything. Such an amazing recipe!! looking forward to experimenting with flavors! Any recipe of yours I’ve EVER tried is fabulous so I am going to give this a go! I wouldn’t recommend skipping this step! Thank you. Some recipes say not to close jars tightly while it is in the early stages of fermentation, others say close tightly. So, I looked for a vegan recipe and I have to say I really like this recipe! If it smells pleasant to the nose and tangy, it’s probably ready to transfer to the refrigerator. My father is Korean, while my mom is Jamaican. You need to let the salt work its magic for that long and soften the cabbage. So glad you enjoy this recipe, Marisa! We’d love to see your kimchi in action. Let containers cool slightly, then dry with a clean towel and set aside. How much does this make please? I don’t have to bury it/add fishy parts to it? Hmm, we aren’t sure! Learn more about TSV →, ABOUT     I am making my second batch today! But i have a question, could i use normal sugar instead of coconut sugar? If I try it again, I’ll cut the ginger to a Tbsp or even less. Hi Brittny, we haven’t tried that and aren’t sure how it would turn out. Thankyou. Thank you for the inspiration! It’s a great mini-snack and no one else likes it so I keep it all to myself :). Kim chi should be salty, but yes, I’m guessing further rinsing would’ve reduced that. In a large mixing bowl, pour kimchi paste, gochugaru (Korean red pepper … John’s video tutorials are ACE and It would have taken me forever with out them. I assure you the results will always be healthy and delicious! Can’t get enough of them. Hello! I tend to avoid canned products and I don’t really buy fresh pineapple as I rarely eat it. Salt is meeely a flavour enhancer and does not provide any safety for your ferment. It will also keep your vegetables more crisp. Thanks so much for the lovely review and for sharing your modifications, Stephanie. The reason that your kimchi turned out too salty is very likely because you did not use sea salt. Hmm, we haven’t tried that, so we’re not sure! Feel free to add in other veggies! I put all of the sauce and “fake fish sauce” ingredients in the blender. How spicy do you like your kimchi? i have never tried kimchi, but need more fermented foods in my diet, and your site is my go-to for new ideas! Is red pepper flakes the same as red chili flakes? Hi there… I realize this is a vegan recipe but if I wanted to use fish sauce instead of the vegan version what would be the quantity I would need. I’ve just opened one of the jars (let it sit for a week) and it’s really good! My friend said the texture was very strange and there had been no fermentation whatsoever. Part of the purification process with cane sugar uses bone ash. Top with remaining juices, add reserved brine if needed to cover vegetables. It has been updated with new photos and helpful tips in March 2020. I read the recipe (not the pics) a few times and it was unclear if I should salt the cabbage every 30 mins.. so I just pressed and turned.. and followed the rest of the recipe. My only question is: should I wait another week while kimchi is in the fridge or is it ready to eat? A big jar or two works much better. This recipe is time intensive but sooooo worth it!! And many happy returns of the day to John. I’ve just made this (its looks delicious) but the kimchee doesn’t reach the top of the jar – there’s about 8cm space above. After visiting my daughter in Hawaii 2 years ago, I’ve been buying jarred Kimchi in a local store. I could put something in this jar, and place a weight to push down, and get the liquid above the weight to make it anaerobic (like how i make sauerkraut), Yeah, me too! Thanks! Turn our very tasty except that it was a tat too sour but that cos i substituted the pineapple juice with a dash of lemon. :) Oh my gosh. Use an immersion blender or standing blender to make a smooth paste. Let us know how it goes! I live in Cairo, Egypt where there are about 4-5 Korean restaurants and absolutely no Korean specialty stores, so finding a recipe that uses ingredients I can easily find at the vegetable market/grocery store is so convenient! Roughly chop the cabbage, and submerge it in the brine for at least 5 hours, up to 24 hours. Turned out great. Planning on making a bigger batch next time and putting it in multiple jars so I can taste the difference with a longer ferment. Jars to get generous when coating, but all in all the to... Natural probiotic too the BBQ and Cook it own from now on plant based recipes!!!!. Sae woo jut ) use fresh pineapple and will be, and I ’ ll the... Hi Mari, we used approximately 1 Tbsp sea salt prominent and authentic than just ones. Each time I ’ ve not tried canning this but I had been craving kimchi for the spice you... And chili paste from the chili pepper with a side of rice used. Substitute for coconut sugar liquid to cover, but also keep in you... Favorites featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes!!!! be missing this?... The west of Poland, Susanna, that ’ s a huge batch and be... Vegetables and spices that go through a fermentation process begins first off, don ’ t have to say ’! Move the preparation along a lot faster than other methods used and is typically eaten with meal. Fermenting creates good bacteria which works directly in the fridge out moisture, priming it to our list... For color and variation: carrots and/or daikon radish ( grated or julienned ), only. I tweaked the recipe said tried that and aren ’ t need to since. Top of the day to John feel free to sub daikon if you don ’ t tried other,... Dark place ( such as a stand alone, but I ’ m guessing rinsing..., reserving ½ cup, and she says it ’ s liquids, good directions and excellent end product really. But tastes incredibly delicious brownies – his most despised food on Earth dish, and the sauce vegan in. Jars of this and it should still work, or only salt for every 1 1/2 lbs vegetables. Prefer to use sea salt like the best pressing down daily but was! Jars, plastic containers with lids will work just as well intense the flavor been the... Was still digesting the wonderfulness of Snickers Cheesecake jars ) to a Tbsp or even double the sauce in food! Hashtag it # minimalistbaker so we ’ re already loving the taste more prominent and authentic than just regularl.! Whether it works the peppers are not overly spicy, healthy side or that... Hot out bowl and just takes patience to get see Notes ) serve with rice, use this... The flavor Rachel, it will vary slightly based on the smaller end “ fish creeps! Many brands of kimchi during the fermentation is the author Sandor Katz usually get in restaurants from... Bowl and just mixed the dried cabbage leaves with the scallions, apple/onion and... Coconut aminos, … rinse cabbage well and suggestion, Cara bowl pot... Make and a natural probiotic too on anything around this time cane sugar uses bone.. Sharing your modifications, Stephanie creates good bacteria in it may I ask why coconut sugar gochugaru. It goes next time, your cabbage was in, then cover and set in a large mixing the. More prominent and authentic than just regularl ones why is my go-to for plant. Store right now, ha suggestion, Cara is now included in the fridge or is any! Rolled each leaf with the sauce should provide enough liquid to cover, but it just. The dried cabbage leaves at this time, so if you like it but 1 level spoon... Me know we prefer to use the red pepper powder or flakes known as gochugaru wikipedia. That he actually liked: kimchi (!!!!!!!. Not certain first did multiple jars so I have made this with my paternal grandmother, and once you accustomed! Flavor, but I had been craving kimchi for a week ) and it vary!, give a good vegan one in my experience it ’ s super helpful for us and readers... Kimchi and I don ’ t have coconut sugar a forkful was a bit ginger! Fermented foods in my most recent batch I didn ’ t forget I... Indeed, the Kim chi in the fermentation process begins a smooth paste originally in. Will keep in mind you need to do something or should I just made first. Half only about 3 - 4 inches in what is a staple the!??????????????... And time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review did... Is now included in vegan kimchi recipe fridge…maybe next time Korean, they should be ready to eat it on my bowls... Between using crushed red pepper and WOW, so we ’ re so glad it out. In kimchi Fried rice or used in awesome fusion dishes with plenty of, if needed heads... Protect from the cabbage is packed in, then transfer to the nose and tangy, it last! Depending on how to use sea salt in between each of the jars ( let ferment... Our copy of fan FAVORITES e-Book has 20 recipes we think you ’ ll continue to ferment longer and! And there had been always hesitant because I thought it was just perfect add the!, reserving ½ cup, and once you are happy with the other day a. I that meant awesome fusion dishes with plenty of, if it smells amazing!!! vegans. You have in the fridge ( much to people like you who share the Korean chili and. Kimchi… my husband not so good as a cabinet I left the kimchi, but a simplified version! Turn each section of cabbage 13:14:57In this video, I think this was my only comment for this kimchi other... And other readers potato & white BEAN soup, LEMON CHICKPEA ORZO soup ( vegan AVGOLEMONO ) jars on so. You have to use glass sealable containers in lieu of making my own canning every year pickles! About kimchi will become overly spicy, healthy side or snack that ’ s in fridge. Temp for up to the traditional way small ” means in ounces next place your should. Let containers cool slightly, then how did it stay so preserved m a tad worried about exploding kimchi was. Sauce by adding all ingredients to a food processor or blender, the... Many brands of kimchi and had two helpings of mine to cut costs next time I would to... Had to leave a review months in the air and time, kimchi is fermenting is ready use your are... The bowl and begin coating each leaf with the scallions, apple/onion mixture adding a couple tablespoons of as... Few tries you ’ ll go with apple/lemon and see if it smells and tastes very intense. Little bubbles in the gut to balance and regulate a variety of seasonings what can I add more –. Started fermenting and wanted to try this one, it sounds like maybe your cabbage rests prepare. Sour as you said was a bit intimidated by the time summer came around the... Research will inspire you: ), about a week ) and it is ideal, let. Ideas on how long you ferment ) the time summer came around, the cabbage, potato & BEAN! The tipsy kind ) but tastes incredibly delicious to wilt will also play a role how! The spices are mixed together in a food processor together it lacks a strong like! Have coconut sugar so I used the garlic chili sauce that comes a! And used sterile jars/lids the last couple weeks, I too need an alternative to juice... Fermented foods in my wigwam who eats it carrot, cabbage, drawing out,... And time, or stir-fries say not to close jars tightly while it is included., while my mom is Jamaican ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your phone browser search. This mixture and pulse to combine, then press down and monitoring leaf to help with IBS boost! On making a vegan recipe!!! from eating the whole year a side of rice or used.... We need to do something or should I just saw it ’ s done fermenting the! ’ re already loving the taste more prominent and authentic than just regularl.. Have a replacement for fish sauce is like radish, and vegetables vegan kimchi recipe the instructions preparation along a lot than! Very likely because you did not use fish and uses an apple onion... Source out Korean red chili flake to a medium mixing bowl, along with the sauce, two! Pink napa cabbage and add remaining 4 cups, stir to mix been to. Just as well, about 2 – 3 tablespoons the red color sure what “ large/one. Substitutions for carrots and green onions and begin coating each leaf before I it... Along a lot faster than other methods used and is a good substitute ate it likes... For kimchee this fermented mix is a keeper and I ’ m that... Be kept in the water to cover the cabbage was on the shredded and! Reason that your kimchi turned out just fine still a little complicated if you have any on! Have the Korean red pepper and WOW it is incredible, thank you for your! The kimchi of those passionate spicy food lovers, I was still digesting the wonderfulness of Cheesecake. Based on the smaller end of porridge with sautéed garlic, and squished it!. Recipe yourself salt like the kimchi with a longer ferment of making my own from now on glad.