Made to Measure

The made to measure service provided by us allows you to have a custom made garment to match your requirement. You can choose everything, right from the cut, style, colours to the fabric. You can shortlist a mix of styles, readymade fashion garments as references, so that what we create for you is just what you want. Create a blend of classic and modern styles, send it to us, and we can fashion it to reality.

What is different about a made to measure garment?

Most of the time, you already have a fixed picture of what you want to wear or what you're looking to buy. Other times, you just want to browse around the stores until you find what suits your fancy. However, when you do have a fixed idea for your preferred outfit, you will need a professional to materialize it.

Our made to measure services work towards weaving the fashionable garment with the perfect fit for you. We make sure you get the most stylish look with the perfect fit. Once you're sure about the right style for you, personalize it further with your preferred fabric, colour, trim details and embellishments.

You no longer have to worry about having limited choices according to your figure or concerned about whether you'll have to squeeze into or float in something you pick from the rack. Instead, leave it to the professionals to find your silhouette in anything you choose from the collection. And it will be altered to perfection according to your measurements.

You can even add more embellishments to an existing item or tone down the embellishments according to your requirement, depending on the occasion.

  • Choice

    Every detail in your dress will be subject to your preference and liking.

  • Fit

    The garment will be made as per your measurements and so is guaranteed to fit you perfectively.

  • Quality

    The fabric, colour, trim details and embellishments will be as per your personal preference and budget.

  • Exclusivity

    Because the dress is made as per your specificity, it will be a distinctive and unique piece.

  • Harmony

    The garment can be designed around your accessories so that you have a complete ensemble in place.

  • Time Frame

    This would be based on the materials, embroidery and other detailing. Also, we would consider the courier delivery time in this case.

  • Budget

    Not necessarily more expensive as you can also select something from the store and tone down the embellishments as per your budget and liking.

  • Style

    Know what your stylistic priorities are, what type of silhouettes suit you according to your body type. Keep an open mind and consider all the options.

Get started with your made to measure outfit. (Tell me more)

Every step takes you closer to that perfect designer outfit!


Create and Register

your account.


Provide Basic Information

Give us your personal and contact information, including the time frame and budget.


Help us with your Measurements

Give us your measurements and other technical specification for the garment you wish to order.


Any Specifications? Let us know

Choose from existing pieces that you want to alter or change according to your requirements.


Share all your preferences

Pick the colours, fabrics, embellishments, trims, borders, etc. from the pieces that you've chosen as reference.


Information about the occasion always helps

You can also provide us with other information such as the occasion, wedding theme, etc.We will go over all the information provided to design the garment for you.


Approve & begin the process

After your approval on the design, the garment will be created, and sent to you.

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