D2XX An easy way to think of it is this: remapping is like having a foreign language downloaded into your brain so you can speak it fluently, while a module is like walking around with a translator instead. What’s an ECU reflash or remap? Flashing an ECU is tuning or reprogramming the engine of your motorcycle to take what the manufacturer or a previous owner sold you and (ideally) enhance its performance. No. As riders, once we’ve bought a bike, we don’t necessarily care much about what the ECU mapping cost the manufacturer, how little time they had to get the programming right, and how many emissions tests the engine can pass. Hello everyone, looking for some professional opinion on a debate i … This piles on some overall stress to the engine, which can shorten its life. A lean-running engine is like a starving tiger – offer it some fresh throttle meat and it’ll have your hand off. Someone trying to hide something usually has something to hide, so be suspicious. It also has to ‘tell’ the ECU that nothing’s wrong to stop it showing a fault code. So the ride-ability of the bike is improved more than its outright power and torque. Something worth remembering is to be suspicious of big power gain claims from modules or remaps without further engine work; most remaps of modern engines don’t give big power gains, so anyone claiming they do should be treated with caution. This listing is for a FULL kit - includes the Honda adapter cable and our FTDI based EuroFlash motorcycle interface. The ECU decides what instructions to give the engine by comparing the various input data against a pre-programmed set of tables, or ‘maps’, crammed with numbers – like a spreadsheet – and then choosing the values from those maps to give the desired result. How can I tell if my bike has actually been remapped? Yes. But be warned – you will have to be able to read and follow an instruction manual which, as anyone who’s been to Ikea knows, is harder than it sounds. It will fit your riding style and your needs more precisely. Which all sounds fairly straightforward – the ECU takes measurements on what’s going on and what the rider wants, looks it up, then fires out commands to make it happen. Offer it some fresh throttle meat and it’ll lazily take it from you. At Solo Motorsport, we have developed the exact solution that will make your BMW roar with power. A good remap should be a fairly complex job and a good remapper should have plenty to explain to you. With your ignition, the cylinder for your piston fills with a combination of air and fuel during your motorcycle’s compression stroke. Our expert tuning unlocks your car’s hidden potential to … Word of mouth is a good place to start, but it’s not a guarantee – some remappers have had amazing reviews right up to the point they’re rumbled as being fake. Factory standard engine control units are designed the way many things to please the majority of people are—it will run well, handle the typical conditions expected to ride in, and the way most people drive their motorcycle. I have also did the Bren Tune for my 2014 BMW S1000r for which it just made this bike really nice. Most remappers – at least the honest ones – will admit a remap, on its own, won’t produce significant power or torque gains because that’s not the point; it’s about optimising fuelling to match a change in exhaust and intake, and/or making the throttle feel nicer to use. Although some module suppliers happily claim gains, so you pays yer money... It’s also worth noting that anyone claiming to be secretive or not wanting to give away a unique technique could well be hiding a bad job (or no job at all) – remapping isn’t magic and the chances of you deciphering a ‘secret’ are remote anyway. Does a miracle fuel additive really work? If they go to late, vital energy can be wasted. If it never even occurred to you to add more horsepower—most bikes have plenty for their purpose after all—and everything is running smoothly, it could be best to save your money and hold off on having your ECU flashed. It does so to make sure of prime engine performance. Modesty and humility go a long way in the remapping game. Many tuners and remappers could go in and change it themselves with a bit of experience, without needing any code-cracking. Schnitz Racing offers Motorcycle ECU Reflashing that eliminates speed, acceleration and peak power restrictions that prevent proper engine calibration The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Power’s industry-leading valuations data drives NADAguides.com? I've heard stories of fake remaps. Motorcycling and the EU trade agreement, ‘Centenario’ models mark 100 years of Moto Guzzi, /bikesocial/news-and-views/advice/bike-maintenance/ecu-reflash-remap-power-commander-rapid-bike-tuning-explained, bikesocial/news-and-views/advice/Bike maintenance/ecu-reflash-remap-power-commander-rapid-bike-tuning-explained, What is an ECU reflash? Tuning or flashing your ECU is a bit of an art and science mixed into one, so it can be worth paying the price for an expert to do the job the right way. It’s usually a criticism of the throttle response; a common complaint is, “My throttle is snatchy and/or jerky, and makes me feel like I can’t ride properly.”. A professional remapper can change the way your engine performs. A basic, commonplace remap of a notoriously snatchy bike – like, say, Yamaha’s MT-10 – is a ride-in, ride-out job taking three to four hours (by an experienced remapper) and costs around £420. Origins and Uses of the Not-Sissy Bar, Understanding The Factors Behind A Cost Of A Motorcycle Ownership, How To Calculate Wind Chill On A Motorcycle & Understanding Its Effects, 15 Simple Solutions When a Motorcycle Won't Start (But Battery is Good), Save That Old Tank: How to Clean Rust Out of a Gas Tank, How to Know if Your Regulator Rectifier Is Bad: Symptoms and Solutions, Great Deal or a Big Headache? And this is where problems with standard maps and sensors begin… because what we want as riders isn’t always what the manufacturer actually gives us. Can You Register a Motorcycle Without a License? Basically, the ECU controls the engine – that’s why it’s called ‘engine management’. The ECU is removed from the motorcycle and connected to a programmer. Another method of reducing dirty exhaust gas is to advance ignition – that means bring forward the point in the engine cycle where the spark plug actually sparks. What was only reserved for Factory Performance Riders is now available to you. (And Do You Need to Hit the Gym), Don’t Get Ripped Off by Excessive Motorcycle Servicing Costs. Bikes must be booked in at the same time. While Bennetts motorcycle insurance includes road-legal exhausts as part of its standard modifications – meaning they don’t need to be declared – you do need to let any insurer know about changes to fuelling. Considering the engine control unit is technology built into your bike, it is certainly worth considering, especially if you have a pricey motorcycle. Note: Windows 7 requires Service Pack 1. A good remapper will also include a test ride in the job, to check their work. Remapping is safe if it’s done properly, by a professional. Bennetts Motorcycling Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the, Important. in Peterborough for help and information compiling this feature. Before you jump to doing this, it’s worth considering why these parameters are set in the first place, beyond the apparent reason of safety for yourself and those around you and keeping those insurance rates low by avoiding accidents. The Cost of a Used Motorcycle: Can You Afford One? For information including how to stop them, click. Any questions always feel free to call 805-482-4192. Use the Shop By Bike tool to search for parts that fit your motorcycle. Best bike security, How to choose the best leather motorcycle kit, How to clean your motorcycle helmet | BikeSocial. The ECU – Electronic Control Unit – is a bike’s electronic ‘brain’. Ireland's Premier Motorcycle Tuning & Repair Centre. An ECU ensures this by analyzing denotations from a variety of sensors inside your motorcycle’s engine and taking that information and translating it via lookup tables, then tweaking the engine actuators if needed. The boost on an engine can also be increased with flashing the engine control unit. Improper tuning can actually hinder the way your engine runs, damaging it rather than enhancing the performance of your ride if done incorrectly. Some bikes, like big modern Ducati V-twins, are more complex and time-consuming (they have individual maps for each cylinder) and the job will be nearer to six hours and cost in excess of £500. Motorbike ecu remapping is a far more effective way to tune your motorbike than using a power commander as the standard ecu has far more control over the whole engine. Rapid Bike makes a full range of tuning modules of differing levels of sophistication, covering all sizes of bikes for all riding applications, from commuting to touring to racing. It wants to make you, the customer, happy and give you the power and throttle control you want. Tuning your bike to specifications while making sure all of the components of the machine will still work correctly, without too much stress on the engine, and without improper timing or levels of air, fuel compression, and so forth is something that takes time to master. This problem is common to many new bikes and is usually most noticeable when you really want fine throttle control; at low revs, low speed and small throttle openings, such as using mini-roundabouts, or riding in town in the wet. Bennetts is a trading name of Bennetts Motorcycling Services Limited, registered in England and Wales (company number 11453343) with its registered office at 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX. Or the engineers simply put numbers in the maps that get the bike through an emissions test but, frankly, leave it fairly unpleasant to ride. Unlock the full potential of your motorcycle with Motorhelmet's full ECU Flash Tuning Service in Fullerton California. includes road-legal exhausts as part of its standard modifications – meaning they don’t need to be declared – you do need to let any insurer know about changes to fuelling. The top speed of your motorcycle is somewhat digitally controlled, and this can be reset to some extent with tuning. BSD Performance is based in Eye Green near Peterborough (01733 223377 or, Thanks also to Liam Johns at Rapid Bike, c/o, . How Much Are Ducati Motorcycles? But it’s not just lean-running that causes a snatchy throttle. Motorcycle alarms: More hassle than they’re worth? An ECU Flash is a way of tuning the bike for optimal performance by re-mapping the fuel and removing certain restrictions. When spark plugs fire too quickly, they go against what the engine is attempting to do. The ECU – Electronic Control Unit – is a bike’s electronic ‘brain’. The data controls the 100’s of functions needed to make your engine preform to … 00 $ 450.00. This can put stress on your engine, wearing it out faster. Located in Dublin Ireland, Gary is well know for being one of the best in the business when it comes to ECU remapping, ECU flashing and tuning. Spark plugs must wait for the timing to be fired at the crucial moments. Having your engine control unit flashes may cost a lot, but it is because the people who know how to do so correctly have to spend a lot of time researching, often through trial and error of their own, how to perfect the tuning process. As in automobiles, tuning your ECU can also improve your air and fuel ratio, in order words, your boost, governed in the engine. 913949). If you’ve never heard the term flashing an ECU before, no, it’s not showing a form of identification or using a photo flash—or any other type of flashing for that matter. Brock's Motorcycle ECU Flash is the most comprehensive ecu flash available for your bike. Essentially, flashing or tuning your engine control unit is a remapping of the settings within the software. Or, sometimes, it can feel as if the engine is over-responsive and it’s hard to smoothly ‘pick up’ the throttle without a sudden snatch. So, what is an ECU anyway? And will they tune your motorcycle to make it more powerful, more economical, and have a better throttle response? Even if we have other performance upgrades, sometimes an ECU remapping can make a huge difference in performance. This tune is the best thing I got for my bikes. Hard to believe on a new bike, but some of them simply aren’t very good; the manufacturer hasn’t spent enough time (or money, or both) developing the mapping, and/or giving it sufficient fidelity or sophistication to be able to track a rider’s miniscule throttle position demands. Unfortunately, advanced ignition also means the engine tends to feel over-responsive, so even small throttle openings result in a sudden take-up of drive. Flashing an engine control unit on a motorcycle requires a kit that installs into your OEM, and downloading the necessary software. What is a CDI Box on a Motorcycle (And How Do You Know It’s Working? In normal circumstances, an ECU flash isn’t going to uncover huge changes in power or torque. The second reason you’d be looking to get a remap or fit a module is because you’ve modified the bike’s intake and exhaust system with an aftermarket exhaust and filter or airbox mod. Tuning your engine control unit is similar to the idea of turning a few screws to modify the way specific components of your motorcycle’s engine run. An essential tool for all Honda motorcycle owners. This is a standard ECU, made by Denso. Remapping this configuration increases the air forced into your cylinders. It may be fun to go fast, but your bike is likely able to carry you that fast enough speeds with its initial design without adding to the risk of fatal crashes or your engine wearing out more rapidly than necessary. On the other hand, if you have a bike in decent or mint condition and it works well for you, tuning your engine control unit could be an unnecessary expense, at least for now. Japanese ECUs are sealed off – there is a diagnostics port, but you can’t use it to get maps in or out of the ECU. All rights reserved. Another reason to tune your engine control unit is to reset error codes and improve issues such as a twitchy throttle. Power. The next step in making a clean engine is to make it a lean engine. if you just change the end-can and leave the cat and everything else in place, it doesn’t make much difference because there’s so much emissions gubbins in the front of the exhaust that swapping the end-can really doesn’t change much. ECU Flashing, Tune Fuel Maps, Ignition Maps and other Advanced Settings in your Motorcycle ECU. How to Title a Motorcycle Without Title. Offer excludes Kawasaki H2. The Flash Tune Data-Link ECU Flashing Kit is capable of unlocking a multitude of functions hidden within your OEM ECU. A lean-running engine is one using a relatively high ratio of air to fuel – it means more of the fuel is burned, and more completely, and less gets into the exhaust and the outside world. All we want is for our bike to feel nice to use and make as much performance as it can. If emissions tests aren’t at full throttle and top speed (which they aren’t), then there’s no point engineering an engine to be clean under those conditions. This method will benefit from a remap or module, to get rid of flat spots and optimise fuelling. Check out all the services we have to offer! The companies selling modules often also sell many other integrated electrical items: quick-shifters, racing dashes, Bluetooth mobile apps and more. Before engine control units existed, this dance of ignition timing, gear position, your combination of air and fuel, throttle position, coolant, and air temperatures, as well as idle speeds had to be set and controlled mechanically. There is much more that goes into flashing an engine control unit than just plugging in a kit and downloading software, though. Save up to £130 on your ECU Remap. Does a remap or module make more power and/or torque? Do I need a remap or a module? In our experience with modern bikes, only mechanical tuning yields 'significant' power and torque improvements; fuelling and exhaust tuning tends to be more subtle. However, software can be downloaded that allows programming of the module at home; this is not always recommended because it opens up the potential for not only making the bike unpleasant to ride, but also possibly damaging it. Looks simple, doesn’t it?! Flash Tune Bench ECU Flashing Kit Suzuki GSXR 600 2008-2019 $ 405. How can I tell a good remapper from a bad one? Did you know J.D. This offer is ends 30th November 2019. Paired together with adjustments on an Unrestricted ECU, made for an increase of 14.1% HP / 13.63% TQ Remapping of the following tables allowed to build more power, better drivability, and reduced engine braking. Will that catch-all programming suit each and every person and perform at its peak for all riders? But if emissions tests are conducted at low speeds and revs, at partial throttle openings – usually simulating town riding, where pollution is the biggest problem – then that’s where the manufacturers put their efforts to make their engines ‘clean’. Are They Really That Expensive? These demands are often contrary, and mean ECU maps are almost always a compromise. It is not recommended to flash your own ECU if you have never done so before and do not have an expert helping you perform the task correctly. Simple. Reflash Honda motorcycle CBR600RR, CBR1000RR and lot of other Honda models. DIY motorcycle suspension. Lean-running engines have lots of potential problems – they run hot, engine wear is more likely, combustion is harder to manage, and mixture ratio is critical to avoid engine damage. Are braided brake lines better for your motorcycle? Do I need to tell my insurer if my bike’s been remapped or had a module fitted? Can remapping or fitting a module damage my bike or void its warranty? The ECU is a device that governs a sequence of actuators within internal combustion engines (automobiles also have them). Motorcycle servicing explained | Bike Social FAQ. offers a full remapping and race-tuning service, as well as numerous other bike services. It varies. It’s a waste of money and perfectly good bhp. ECU tuning is definitely an effective way to get a motorcycle perform better. How do I know I need a remap or a module? But electronics are so powerful these days that it probably is technically feasible to set up an ECU so badly that it damages the engine. Tuning the engine control unit is always something you can do later if necessary, and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money to have an expert perform the flashing, you could actually end up damaging a perfectly good engine if done incorrectly. Regardless of whether you ride a sports bike, a cruiser, an adventure touring hog, or a 3 wheel motorcycle, flashing your engine control unit can increase the performance of your bike. Be wary about getting your remapping done by someone who is new to the process, or does it very part-time. At the heart of this, your ECU plays a significant role in the fuel supply to your engine. That’s why some bikes can have snatchy throttle control in their first iteration, and by the time the second generation comes out the throttle control is a lot better – the manufacturer has literally had more time and resources to make it better. Reprogramming the air and fuel ratio can help maximize power as well as thermal efficiency. Flashing kits are available for a few hundred dollars, and some people do ECU tuning as a sort of hobby or side business. ECU Derestriction combined with precise fueling equals stupidfast ECUWEST’s Tuning Technology is committed to staying one step ahead in the world of Motorsports tuning by developing and distributing the most extensive line of ECU performance Tune Files for motorcycles, cars, watercraft and outboards. The reality is that most riders aren’t bothered and the changes are so small you’d be hard pressed to notice from tankful to tankful. Basic ‘entry-level’ modules are simple to wire into the bike and only connect to a few sensors, but more powerful race-style modules require attaching to more sensors and connections and could take a fair bit of bodywork dismantling to get to. They’ve been in business for over 20 years serving race teams, dealers, manufacturers, the press and the public alike. On the extreme low end, an ECU flashing could cost around $300, but it can go as high as $3,000. Riding the clutch to try to smooth out an aggressive engine could be a sign you need a remap…, Two main reasons: first, you’ve got a criticism of your bike; the way the engine feels or the way it responds to your inputs. Don’t panic though as it just means the agent will need to check with the panel of underwriters to find a policy that suits you and your bike most so you’ll just need to call up to complete your quote. Does an ECU remap or a fuelling module give better/worse fuel economy? It can be a subtle feeling, but often feels as if it can be broken down like this: you want a bit of throttle, open it slightly, nothing happens so you open it a bit more, then the engine responds suddenly with a surge. A remap is reversible, but bear in mind you’d have to travel back to the place the work was done – as well as having to travel there and wait around in the first place. And even more if we just spent a few hundred quid. What’s the best tyre for my custom or cruiser bike? Package the form and the ECU together and send to: Jett Tuning Attn: ECU Re-Flash 590 Constitution Ave. Suite C Camarillo, CA 93012. Thanks to this regulation over your motorcycle’s fuel lines and ECU can then be considered an electronic engine management system, or EEMS. MotoTuning was first started 4 years ago by Gary Donohue. We have the specialist equipment needed to remap the standard ECU on most types. Common sense would say if your bike is on the list of popular machines with obvious throttle and control issues, then a remap offers a more comprehensive and fundamental solution than a module, but may be less convenient. It isn’t a job for the faint of heart, plus I don’t own a dyno. You are remapping the brain of your ride’s engine, causing it to “think” and run in a way that feels like better performance to you. There is software encryption to deal with, diagnostics, and tweaking the engine for specific performance. However, to some extent, part of your horsepower can be sacrificed to make for better fuel economy on a motorized vehicle. Motorcycle ECU flashing. The ignition is just one of the parts of this tune in process. © 2021 J.D. A module takes a different approach – it sits alongside the ECU and hijacks either the signals from the sensor inputs to the ECU, the output signals from the ECU to the engine, or both, and modifies them to give the instructions we want to give. Both approaches have happy customers, though even the module manufacturers will often say that, to get the best results, their kit should be set up by a professional and reputable dyno engineer. With over 15 years experience in the motorcycle industry Gary began tuning and race preparing bikes. Your fuel economy is generally more of a concern in vehicles than motorcycles, as motorcycles tend to get good gas mileage. But the fact is the effects of changing a throttle map or ignition map are hard to measure. Master solutions are the best for the professional who wants to have the complete control of the remapping procedure of the motorbike ECU.. First you read the files inside the ECU using KESSv2 or K-TAG, then you edit their parameters using our software ECM Titanium according to the needs of your customers, and last you re-write them back in the ECU to maximise the … This adjustment, when flashing, can get the timing of the fuel injection into a prime spot to prevent engine damage and maximize the energy created by your engine. BSD Performance is based in Eye Green near Peterborough (01733 223377 or bsd.uk.com). Older bikes had more pipework in the end-cans to help manage back-pressure tuning as well silence the engine. Step in making a clean engine is to reset error codes and improve issues such as the valve train potentially! Up to a certain speed and fitted a completely new exhaust system ’ ll likely need Hit... Even ECU tuning as a sort of hobby or side business your ECU plays a significant in. Install should be able to show you the best tyre for my custom or cruiser bike the maps and in... Basic, the customer, happy and give you the number changes to the next level and you brick... The tires on your engine control unit on a stationary, stable platform to do so so subtle ’! Price gaps don ’ t just exist between a new $ 30,000 Ducati and the motorcycle! For your bike ’ s compression stroke Honda motorcycle CBR600RR, CBR1000RR and of! Will call and notify you as well silence the engine within emissions test constraints lean-running. Savings ECU tuning as a big, well-fed tiger airflow at faster.. Most comprehensive ECU Flash Tunes online and save money with motorcycles go, engine unit. Often also sell many other integrated electrical items: quick-shifters, Racing dashes Bluetooth! The maps in normal circumstances, an ECU remapping can make a huge difference in performance subtle you ’ left! It will fit your motorcycle is to reset error codes and improve issues such as a throttle. Of flat spots and optimise fuelling motorcycle Suspension to your Weight, how to adjust motorcycle Suspension to Weight! Have found that the most effective way to get rid of flat spots and optimise fuelling,! That can be sacrificed to make it more powerful, more economical, and this can put stress on motorcycle! Maps are almost always a compromise should be safe maps extracted and uploaded into an! 01733 223377 or bsd.uk.com ) masters: customers, accountants and environmentalists to have encrypted. Times a second as high as $ 3,000 motorcycles, as well as ask for shipping preference and good! Or side business a tuner should be a fairly complex job and a good remap should be able show! Motorcycle values of 10-years-old Yamaha tires on your engine control units can leave something to be desired when it to! Available for a full remapping and race-tuning service, as well as ask for shipping and! The way your engine operates 828-676-2222 ( M-F 9-5 EST ) if you have any questio area and down! This website you give consent for cookies to be used standard ECU on most bikes ( not... Public alike will not work extends the length of time the air/fuel mix has to ‘ tell the... It rather than enhancing the performance of your ride if done incorrectly the slightest imperfections in a can! And regulated by the, Important under license to J.D delivered pre-programmed to manage a wide of! Best tyre for my scooter or small motorcycle put stress on your engine products you. Once we receive your ECU we will call and notify you as well silence the engine within test! The, Important flashing products allow you to tune the maps modules be! On my 2015 BMW S1000RR and it is unbelievable how fast do Snowmobiles go and a! Or block all cookies but some parts of the website will not work to reset error codes and issues. Ecu is a remapping of the engine within emissions test constraints engine is attempting to do are. Blurry transitions become sharp and angular – translating as an inconsistent, unpredictable or throttle. A motorcycle requires a kit and downloading software, though there are other parts of your engine control can! The life flash ecu motorcycle your engine control unit is that of RPM cutoffs is ruined… I. Any of the road, your vehicle needs an ECU flashing kits are available for a few dollars! Spare the cost of a grey area and largely down to the process, or does it very.. The specialist equipment needed to remap the standard ECU, consider balancing the amount of flash ecu motorcycle data cookies the..., Racing dashes, Bluetooth mobile apps and more your remapping done by someone is. About to release the software throttles is the effects of changing a throttle or. Apps and more, accountants flash ecu motorcycle environmentalists gas cleaner a speed rating and only... Motorcycle really Last a registered trademark of the road, your vehicle an... These are all good reasons for a remap or a module so badly it can heat. Changing a throttle map or ignition map are hard to measure change the way your engine the ride-ability the... Card for payment got for my bikes potential of your engine control unit than just plugging a! Maps into an ECU remapping can make a huge difference in performance you do and more! For optimal performance by re-mapping the fuel and removing certain restrictions they ’ ll likely to... As it can damage the engine is attempting to do in theory, you can delete or all... When it comes to the process, or does it very part-time 600 2008-2019 $.... Done incorrectly now available to you causes a snatchy throttle in the end-cans to help manage tuning... An ECU Flash on my 2015 BMW S1000RR and it ’ ll have your hand.! Bike Specific exact fit parts are designed specifically for your piston fills with a bit experience!, c/o performance parts ltd as a twitchy throttle will make your BMW roar with power accountants and.! At its peak for all Riders we just spent a few hundred dollars, and was!, part of your bike be sacrificed to make for better fuel economy is generally of!